What’s On

Listed below are our upcoming theatrical shows and members’ events. Tickets are available from the Theatre Coffee Shop every Saturday, 10am to 12 noon, or via the Theatre Box Office on 07704 483 516 or email moulton.players.boxoffice@gmail.com  Opening times and ticket prices are available here

For films see cinema listings.

How the Other Half Loves by Alan Ackbourne
How the Other Half Loves will run from 4th-9th March 2019. This farce, directed by Iain Gillies follows the consequences of an adulterous affair between a married man and his boss’s wife and their attempts to cover their tracks by roping in a third couple to be their alibi, resulting in a chain of misunderstandings, conflicts and revelation. Tickets are available from 19th January 2019.

Cash on Delivery by  Michael Cooney
Cash on Delivery will run from 13th-18th May 2019. This riotous farce, directed by Richard Varley is not to be missed.
 Eric Swan (aided by his Uncle George and, unbeknown to his wife, Linda) has pocketed thousands of pounds through fraudulent DSS claims. When the lodger opens the door to the DSS Inspector, deceptive mayhem follows. Tickets are available from 13th April 2019.

Sand Castles by  Bob Larbey
Sand Castles will run from 15th – 20th July 2019. This play is being directed by Max Troy. 
Stan and Bernice Billet and friends William and Margaret Patterson have been taking their holidays in the same resort for years and they have turned the area around their beach huts into a cosy little fiefdom. Then along comes Doug, with his nubile nieces. They don’t give a hoot for beach hut protocol – they just want to have fun in the sun. Tickets are available from 15th June 2019.

Final Fridays
For members and their friends there is a programme of ‘Final Friday’ events to enhance your theatre experience and membership. As the name implies, these events run on the last Friday in each month.