We have an open audition policy at Moulton Theatre.  Upcoming auditions will be advertised as soon as details are available.

N.B.: Actors must be available for all performances, rehearsals and the dress rehearsal on the Sunday prior to the performance week

Auditions for ” Gasping” by Ben Elton are to be held at the Theatre on Wednesday 25th March starting at 7.30 pm.
The play will run from Monday 13th – Saturday 18th July 2020
Further details to follow shortly.

Auditions for “Billy Liar” by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall are to be held at the Theatre on Saturday 4th April starting at 10.30am.
The play will run from Monday 5th – Saturday 10th October 2020
Billy Liar is a semi-comical drama set in Stradhoughton, a fictional town in Yorkshire.  The year is 1960. The family can be described as middle working class.  The accent is refined northern.
Cast reqirements:
Billy Fisher – The central character in the play.  A young man in in his early to mid-twenties.  Note: In the original film Tom Courtney was 25 years old when he played the part.  The actor needs to be able to appear to be within this age range.
Geoffrey Fisher – Billy’s father.  This is a significant role.  Geoffrey is in constant conflict with his son.  Geoffrey has his own business running a garage.  Age range 50 to 65.
Alice Fisher – Billy’s mother and wife of Geoffrey.  Alice wrestles to control the conflict between father and son.  She also deals with Florence Bothroyd, her ageing mother.  Age range 50 to 65
Florence Bothroyd – Billy’s grandmother.  A contentious old lady who spends most of time in conversation with herself.  Age range proportionate to Alice.
Arthur Crabtree – Billy’s best friend.  Roughly the same age as Billy.  Arthur initially sympathises with Billy but as the play progresses his attitude towards Billy begins to change.  Age range similar to Billy.
Barbara – Billy’s fiancé.  She also lives in a semi-fantasy world.  Lives for women’s magazines in a world of thatched cottages.  Barbara spends a lot of time in the play eating oranges.  Age range early to mid-twenties.
Rita – A no nonsense working class girl with a short fuse.  Rita is a simple extrovert girl whose approach remains constant throughout the play.  Age range early to mid-twenties.
Liz – Liz radiates warmth and in character is closest to Billy.  She seeks love from Billy and he in return wants the same.  Age range early to mid-twenties
Audition pages:
BILLY & ARTHUR: pages 10 to 12
FLORENCE & Alice & Geoffrey: Pages 1 to 3
GEOFFREY & ALICE: Pages 44 to 47
RITA & Billy: Pages 29 to 31
BARBARA & Billy: Pages 16 to 18
LIZ & Billy: Pages 52 to 55
Those in CAPITAL lead audition piece.