AUDITION DATE FOR ‘1984’ written by George Orwell, adapted for the stage by Matthew Dunster.
Directed by Lee Winston

On stage at Moulton Theatre October 8th to October 13th 2018.

Audition Date: Wednesday 14th March 2018 at Moulton Theatre (7.30 pm)

Brief synopsis:

Following the outbreak of war, the world becomes divided into 3 distinct areas – Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia.

Winston Smith lives in Airstrip One in London, the remnants of a broken Britain, civil conflict and the revolution of 1984. The UK is part of Oceania.

There are 3 levels of class within Oceania:

The Upper Class (the Inner party) the elite ruling minority, who make up 2% of the population

The Middle Class (the Outer party) who make up 13% of the population

The Lower Class (the Proletariat – the Proles) who make up 85% of the population (the working class)

Winston Smith works as a member of the Outer party working in the records department for the Inner party, as a Ministry of Truth Editor, re-writing history to conform to the doctrine of the Inner Party (Big Brother).

In Oceania everything is controlled by Big Brother, including ‘thought’, and telecreens monitor every move, and every word (sound familiar?).

Those who disobey face the consequences of their actions by interrogation from Big Brother.

George Orwell wrote his vision of the future in 1948, and today it is more relevant that ever.

There are a number of key characters in this adaptation which I have listed below:

Winston Smith: (Age profile – under 40)
Winston is a quiet man in his mid thirty’s living in a one bedroom apartment. He works for the Ministry of Truth. Winston goes through the motions of outward orthodoxy, but inside he has a secret hatred for the party. His story unfolds dramatically, with devastating consequences.

This part is a huge part to play, with the actor channelling many different emotions, and going through some very dramatic scenes.

Julia: (Age profile – under 40)
Julia is a party member who works for the fiction department for the Ministry of Truth. Julia also secretly despises the party, although outwardly appearing to be a devotee of Big Brother. Julia and Winston have a secret love affair, and if caught will face the consequences of Big Brother. As with the part of Winston, this part is a huge challenge, and requires a actress who can confidently carry this part.

O’Brien: (Age profile – 30 to 60)
A prominent Inner party member, with who Winston feels a strange bond. O’Brien befriends Winston and Julia, claiming to be part of a revolution that despises Big Brother. This is a great part to play. The actor will need to show various characters, be convincing on all levels. As with Winston and Julia there are many lines to learn, and many dramatic scenes.

Parsons: (Age profile 30 to 50)
Parsons also works for the Outer Party, and is Winston Smith’s neighbour. He is a devotee of Big Brother, regularly organising events to support the party. This is a medium size part, with quite a few key speeches.

Mrs Parsons: (Age profile 30 to 50)
The wife of Parsons, who supports her husband, whilst looking after 2 rebellious children.

Syme: (Age profile 30 to 60)
Another fellow worker of the Outer party, he too has a love for Big Brother, and again, there are some key speeches in this part.

Charrington: (Age profile: non specific, could be any age)
He owns the shop that Winston and Julia use secretly, and is outwardly just a Prole, trying to help Winston and Julia by renting a room to them. The truth will out!

Old Prole: (60 +)
Winston meets the old Prole in a local pub in the Prole district, and hears the Proles story of how life used to be like. Some wonderful character lines in this part.

Winston’s Mother: (60+)
Comes to Winston in 2 dreams he has. Small part.

Other Proles and Party members: (Various ages)

Used in various scenes during the play, with some dialogue.

More details will be given at the audition.

If you wish to look through a script then please let me know (I know some people have already requested them). I will be at the theatre this Saturday 10th Feb, or send me a message (email: or phone 0783 845 1718.

We have an open audition policy at Moulton Theatre.