We have an open audition policy at Moulton Theatre.


OCTOBER 2019 PRODUCTION – Directed by Grant Winston

Open auditions will be held on

Saturday 23 March 2019 at 10am

At the Theatre

Please find cast list and synopsis below.

Scripts will be available soon. For more information please contact Grant Winston


George Milton
The protagonist and main character of the book. He is a caring, compassionate, and understanding
human being who dreams of owning his own piece of land. Physically, he is a small and intelligent
man with strong features.
Note: This is the leading part in the play with 316 line cues

Lennie Small
The obedient friend of George. He has a child’s mind and a giant’s body. He is mentally retarded,
and relies upon George. It is these contrasting qualities and his impulsive nature that cause him
Note: The second lead with 214 line cues

Old Candy
One of the lonely ranch workers. He is a cripple (missing a hand), working as a ‘Swamper’.
(Washes out the bunkhouse)
Note: An important role with 84 line cues

A black ranch hand. He is sensible and neat, with a mind of his own. He is a lonely character, who
is discriminated against, due to his race.
Note: A significant role with most of the 41 line cues in Act 2

A ranch worker with leadership qualities. He commands respect from all on the ranch.
Note: Another important role with 72 line cues

The boss’s son who was a boxer. He is short, stocky, and thinks he is better than all the others. He
picks fights with everybody on the ranch.
Note: A smaller role but an extremely significant one with 30 line cues

Curley’s wife
The only woman on the ranch. She is very flirtatious.
Note: A key character with 43 line cues

A brutal man. He objects to Candy keeping his old dog.
Note: A smaller role with 30 line cues

A ranch worker. He is sent to town to fetch the Sheriff after Curley’s wife is murdered.
Note: Also a smaller role with 29 line cues

The Boss
A ‘nice fella’ (in Candy’s words). He is more concerned about his work on the ranch than
anyone else.
Note: The smallest role with 24 line cues