Wednesday 17th January 2018 at 7.30pm and Wednesday 24th January 2018 7.3Opm

‘DAD’S ARMY’┬áby Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Performance dates – 16-21 July 2018

The auditions for ‘Dad’s Army’ by Jimmy Perry and David Croft, directed by Matthew Gundel, are to be held at the theatre on Wednesday 17th January 2018 at 7.30pm and Wednesday 24th January 2018 at 7.30pm.
There numerous good parts for both women and men, which are detailed more fully below. The characters are listed in an approximate order of size of the roles.
Scripts will be available to borrow from the director, who can be contacted by e-mail at or on 07795 276709. If there are any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.
In addition to the characters listed below, there are a number of ‘walk-on’ or ‘bit parts’, with either just a few lines or no dialogue. If you are interested in such a role, rather than one of the roles below, then please feel free to either attend the auditions or contact the director directly using the details provided above.

Read through of the play by the cast will be held at the theatre on Wednesday 18th April 2018 at 7.30pm.

Rehearsals are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Tuesday 22nd May 2018 to Thursday 12th July, at 7.30pm, and the Dress Rehearsal will be on Sunday 15th July 2018 at 2.30pm.

The play essentially comprises three episodes derived from the original television series upon which the play is based. The episodes are: ‘The Deadly Attachment’ in which the Walmington-on Sea- platoon are charged with guarding a German U-Boat crew until an armed escort arrives to collect them (this episode is notable for containing the famous line, ‘Don’t tell him Pike’); ‘Mum’s Army’ in which Captain Mainwaring announces that he will recruit women into the platoon and subsequently falls for one of the recruits, Mrs Gray. This episode was based upon the 1945 film, ‘Brief Encounter.’ The third episode is ‘The Godiva Affair’ where the platoon are contributing to the town’s effort to finance a Spitfire. To this end the platoon practice Morris dancing to perform at a procession through the town. Things go awry, however, when an unlikely person is cast as the procession’s Lady Godiva.

Captain Mainwaring – Pompous local bank manager, but also patriotic and brave

Mrs Gray – Charming and refined lady, who like Mainwaring shows herself to be patriotic and defiant. A romance blossoms between Mainwaring and Mrs Gray in Mum’s Army.

Sergeant Wilson – Diffident, upper class and Chief Clerk to Mainwaring

Mrs Pike – Overbearing mother to Pike; is in a relationship with Wilson

Lance Corporal Jones – Local butcher; excitable and eager; described numerously as ‘woolly minded’

Mrs Fox – Glamorous/flashy widow; in a relationship with Jones.

Private Frazer – Dour Scotsman; often miserly; local undertaker

Miss Ironside – Recruited to the platoon in ‘Mum’s Army’

Private Walker – Cockney, black market spiv; 30s/40s.

Edith Parish – Almost brash in demeanour; 30s/40s; Walker’s girlfriend

Private Godfrey – Gentle, mild-mannered and kindly old gentleman

Colonel – Stern and serious.

Private Pike – Mother’s boy; referred to often as a ‘stupid boy’ by Mainwaring; 20s

Ivy Samways – Speaks very quietly – at a near inaudible level; Pike’s girlfriend.

Private Cheeseman – Welsh journalist who is attached to the platoon.

Rev. Timothy Farthing – Effete, ineffectual, but well-meaning vicar of St Aldhelm’s Church

Hodges – ARP Chief Warden; typically Mainwaring’s rival/nemesis.

Mr Yeatman – Verger at St Aldhelm’s Church; hostile to platoon and often sides with the Vicar or Hodges against Mainwaring

U-Boat Captain – Antagonist to Mainwaring and the platoon in ‘The Deadly Attachment’; shown to be a clever and cunning officer.

Mr Gordon – Upper class and fussy Town Clerk; self-important and described by Wilson as a ‘bald-headed old duffer’.

We have an open audition policy at Moulton Theatre.