SATURDAY 21ST OCTOBER 2017 11AM at the theatre

Performance dates  5th-10th March 2018

The Action takes place between the winter of 1953 and the summer of 1960. Oxford and Greece.

C S LEWIS: (Born in Belfast). (Jack): Scholar, Writer.
One of the most influential and beloved spiritual writers of the 20th century famed for his Narnia series. Though on the outside a dry, dusty, Oxford don. He is a deep thinking man very aware of human feelings (served in the trenches in WW1) and tragedy though not always worldly wise or aware outside of his academic circle to the point of naiveté at times. Settled into middle age bachelorhood until Joy turned his world upside down. Honest and sharp witted like Joy Davidman leading to some wonderful, often
dry humour exchanges between them. The great surprise to Jack was discovering romantic love so late in life.

JOY GRESHAM DAVIDMAN LEWIS: (A Jewish American from the Bronx 17 years Lewis’s junior) Poet, Novelist, Communist, Atheist, Jew, Christian, Divorcee, and Single Mother. Joy at sometime had been all of those things. C S Lewis said of her ‘Her mind was lithe and quick and muscular as a leopard’. At times Joy was manipulative, endearing, brilliant and obsessive as well as very much in love with Lewis. Complex and extraordinary with a sharp sense of humour and tongue that often out matched Lewis’s cynical and anti-woman Oxford University friend Professor Riley.

MAJOR W H LEWIS (Warnie): Warnie is Jack’s elder brother
and a retired professional soldier. Like Jack settled down to finish his life living a bachelor life sharing a home with his brother. Sometimes appearing gruff and stuffy actually a sensitive man and aware of Joy’s love for his brother long before Jack did. At times surprising all with profound and poignant observations. Joy and him became good friends. A heavy drinker, Warnie in later
life had to battle alcoholism.

DOUGLAS: Joy’s son (she in fact had two boys that stayed with Lewis). Starts as 8 yrs old to finish part about 14.

PROF. CHRISTOPHER RILEY: An Oxford Don a slightly younger friend and colleague of Lewis who is very anti-Joy.

REV. HARRY HARRINGTON: Around Lewis’s age

Small Multi Parts:
ALAN GREGG, an Oxford Don / Hospital Doctor
DR MAURICE OAKLEY, an Oxford Don/Waiter in Tearoom and
REGISTRAR’S CLERK/WAITER (or waitress) in Greek Hotel

We have an open audition policy at Moulton Theatre.